1. Purchase the suppressor

  • If you purchase the suppressor from me you will pay for the suppressor and sales tax at that time.

  • If you order it online you will pay for the suppressor directly to that dealer and the dealer will contact me for a copy of my FFL and SOT to confirm I can receive the suppressor.

  • (The time frame waiting for the suppressor to arrive will depend on where it is coming from and the length of time the ATF takes to approve the release of the suppressor 4-6 weeks or maybe more.)

2. While waiting for the suppressor to arrive at my shop you will do the following:

  • Have 2 fingerprint cards done. You can go anywhere but I have had these done at Monroe County Correctional Facility by calling them at 570-992-3232 to schedule an appointment. You will need to bring a $25.00 money order.

  • Have 3 passport photos taken. You can go anywhere but I had mine done at the local CVS.

3. Once the suppressor arrives at my shop I will have you come back in to complete the application. Bring the following with you:

  • 2 fingerprint cards.

  • 3 passport photos.

  • A check made payable to “BATFE” for $200.00 for your application fee.

  • (I will mail the completed applications to the ATF and a copy to the local sheriff’s office. Waiting time on this process is the same as the first process or maybe more.)

4. Once you are approved the ATF will cash your check and send me a copy of your approved application. I will than call you to come back into the office to complete the transfer of the suppressor into your name. I will run a NICS background check and once you pass the final hurdle you can take possession on the suppressor. Please bring the following with you:

  • Copy of your valid driver’s license.

  • Cash for the transfer/service fee - $75.00.